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Témoignage de Kenny M.& Lenka J.(Ecosse)

en arrière

In April 2008, I had my third attempt at IVF. It was a long journey but this time we have finally succeeded and in December 2008 I gave birth to twins, Zara Mariana and Lucas Cameron McLeod. We live in Scotland but I wanted a clinic in the CZ. I thought it would be more relaxing being close to my family in the CZ, where I am originally from. For the first attempt both my boyfriend Kenny and I had to be there. I was very pleasantly surprised and Kenny was more relaxed when we find out that some doctors speak English and can explain all the procedure. Kenny had to undergo one minor operation called MESA (I think) to retrieve his sperm. Then it was up to me to start the hormone treatment, injecting myself and waiting for the right time for the egg retriever and embryo insertion. People in the clinic were very friendly, but I sometimes missed better communication between wards and better explanation to clients like me who felt under a lot of pressure. I would choose SANUS again and recommend it to anybody else. It’s a fairly new clinic, small, modern rooms, brilliant food and friendly staff. Another reason we have chosen SANUS was of course cost. It cost us about 1/3 what we would have paid in a private clinic in Scotland. I wish the best of luck to all other couples and would like to thank the following individuals for all their help, kindness and friendliness: MUDr. Silhan and Dr. Faltusova, Mrs. and Mr. Lenka J. and Kenny M.


Zara Mariana a Lucas Cameron

Zara Mariana a Lucas Cameron

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Hradec Kralove est une ville qui posséde de nombreux hotels, pensions et logements de toutes catégories et chacun de nos patients trouveront un hébergement correspondant à leur gout et leur budget.

A notre sujet

A notre sujet

Le principal atout de notre centre de procréation médicale assistée est une technique médicale parfaite en la matière, similaire aux meilleurs centres européens.

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